Distribution Transformers

  • Power rating up to 1000 KVA

  • Voltage Rating up to 33 KV

Power Transformers

  • Power Rating up to 3 MVA

  • Voltage rating up to 33KV

Safety Transformers
  • Portable safety transformer for power tools
  • Lighting & machinery application on construction sites
  • Transformer & enclosure shall conform to safety standards
  • Number of sockets, its current rating, ELCB/MCB rating
  • Metal enclosure red & yellow ,RAL 7032 protection IP-55…etc
  • Temperature insulating class F
  • Dry type, Vacuum impregnation
  • Terminals: Terminal block at input & Industrial socket at output
  • CEE panel mounted receptacles, DIN VDE 0623, EN 60309-2
  • Housed in reinforced fiber glass enclosure providing safety and durability
  • Sealed type and easy to handle, cable gland is provided for incoming cable access
  • Fiber encapsulated enclosure, protection index IP-55
  • Cast resin encapsulation, protection from fire hazard, air and water
Control Transformers

  • Power Rating up to 50 KVA

  • Primary Voltage : 100V --> to --> 690V
    Secondary Voltages: 12V --> to --> 690V
    Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz etc.
    Other Voltages and Specification as per custom requirement

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

  • Power rating single phase up to 50 KVA Three phase up to 200 KVA
  • • Voltage rating single phase 230V and three phase 400V main.
    Upon request, stabilizers can be manufactured for 100,110,115,120,127,200 220,240,265V single phase mains. And for 208,220,230,240,380,415,440,460,480, and 500V three phase mains
  • input voltage variations are ±10%, ±15, ±20%, ±30%
  • Output voltage regulation is ±1%
  • MCB protection input, Under voltage and over voltage protection
  • Metal enclosure, powder coated RAL 7032 , IP-44, IP-55
  • Output voltmeter, and amp meter

Enclosure Protection Degree

  • Protection Degree IP-23 ,IP-44 ,IP-52 ,IP-55 etc.

Insulation Classes

Our Company following insulation Classes , Such as Class F and Class H

Temparature Tolerace Class Maximum Operation Temperature
E 120 degree c
B 130 degree c
F 155 degree c
H 180 degree c